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The Brunel, Mark III, vertical boiler engine is now one our most popular steam locomotives. It is the first geared engine to be manufactured by Mamod and this, combined with a slide valve piston and cylinder arrangement, makes it one of the most powerful locomotives Mamod has to offer. It has internally framed wheels which can be adjusted to suit either a 1 gauge or 0 gauge track, allowing for flexibility for any steam enthusiast. Add flair to your Brunel with this boiler cladding kit. The cladding kit must be fitted at home by you. 


The design of this great locomotive was based on the original De Winton type engine which had a vertical boiler and a narrow gauge. They were manufactured during the late 18th century and could be commonly found working the Welsh slate mines.



  • Silver soldered boiler
  • Re-heating coil
  • Slide valve piston/cylinder
  • Our first geared drive
  • Glass water level
  • Pressure gauge
  • Ceramic burner
  • Butane/propane gas tank
  • Safety valve rated to 40psi
  • Internally framed wheels – re-gaugeable to either “O” or “1” gauge
  • Improved piston and lubricator system
  • Optional extras; Canopy and Boiler Cladding
  • Now with spring-loaded buffers.

Mamod O or 1 Gauge Brunel Vertical Engine

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